You are innocent!  Criminal Records? Yes, you have a criminal record.

So, you thought . . .

  • because you were found innocent;

  • the case was dismissed or

  • no-billed by the Grand Jury,

that you would have no criminal record? Wrong. You have a criminal record.

  • You can’t get a job because of your arrest record.

  • You can’t get an apartment because of your arrest record.

  • You get “special treatment” when stopped by the police because of your arrest record.

Expunction is about erasing criminal records and clearing your name.

In the employment/unemployment world of today, any “blip” on your criminal record may mean the unemployment line. People are fighting for jobs.  A little bad judgment back in the day, even if you escaped unscathed, may mean no job, no career. It may mean the unemployment line. An expunction, if you qualify, may go a long way to help remove misteps from your record and to move on down the road without carrying around the baggage of the past.

Under certain circumstances and if the facts apply, you may be entitled to have ALL of your criminal records erased. 

  • You were investigated for a crime but were not charged!

  • You were charged with a crime and found not-guilty by a Judge or Jury!

  • You have been pardoned!

  • Are you done? No criminal record? Wrong.

You still have a criminal record although not charged, or found innocent or pardoned. You need these records expunged. Why, because it may come up on a job application, or license application, or you may be charged with another crime on another date and the previous incident could be used to enhance your punishment – although innocent of the previous charge.  If you want to make sure that you have no criminal record, you have to have your records expunged.

If you are eligible for an expunction, get it done.  Click here to review the applicable Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Expunction Statute.

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