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have you been accused of violating your probation?

You entered into a plea agreement or were placed on probation following a conviction.  You promised to report to your probation officer, pay a monthly monitoring fee, pay your fine, pay court costs, do community service, abstain from alcohol and controlled substances, and, among other things, attend a crime stoppers. You are on probation for a couple of reasons.  One,  the State doesn’t want to have to clothe, feed and house your body.  Secondly, by monitoring your actions the State is able to safeguard society.  Third, if you are on deferred adjudication probation, you have been given an opportunity to keep your record clear of a conviction.  Fourth, you may have made a “mistake” and you have been given an opportunity to not commit any more.  Five, by entering a plea agreement you have waived all of your rights to a trial (present evidence, confront witnesses, jury to adjudicate guilt, etc.) and have, therefore, cleared the docket and saved the state the expense of a trial.  So, you took the plea – 5 years in prison probated for 10.  You got to the 9th year, and a motion to revoke is filed.

If you have been accused of violating your probation, contact Jackson:Thornton, Criminal Defense Lawyers.   You need counsel to avoid jail, to reinstate the terms of your probation or to modify the terms of probation.

Violation of Probation

A violation of probation will result in certain serious consequences, including jail time that can be immediately imposed through a bench warrant. This can result in the sentence you were not given for your original crime to now be imposed, or your original sentence from a release from jail on probation to be reinstated. This is a very serious situation that requires immediate action from one of our skilled criminal defense lawyers. The probation violations that generally occur include:

  • Not reporting to your probation officer as required
  • Failing to attend a court hearing
  • Failing to complete mandatory drug or anger management courses
  • Committing a new crime while on probation
  • Associating with known criminals

Our office has helped numerous clients with their probation violations. We are familiar with the legal motions and filings required to resolve the situation and have you once again in compliance with your probation terms. You can avoid a costly mistake by reaching for the help you need. Our office is here to help you by providing personal service and excellent legal advice.

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