Very interesting development. Who has the old car they have taken over to the local inspection station wherein the car cannot pass the “smoke test” (emissions)? So, what does the friendly tester do – he says, ‘well we can probably help you out on this.’ For a little “tip” and you look the other way, we’ll get it to pass (by running another vehicle under the device).” Our tester has now committed a felony of the 3rd degree – tampering with government documents.

As it turns out, cheating the inspection is a 90 billion a year industry in Texas alone. That’s 90B. Statewide. Most of which is centered in North Texas. As it also turns out, this issue has become a focal point for prosecution in North Texas. Our friendly DA has a special prosecutor on this issue. They have hundreds of cases. As an aside, this crime is politically charged because the EPA (feds) are all over North Texas air pollution. Thus, if the good county can (a) stop emission cheating and (b) take failed vehicles off the road, the EPA may cut Dallas some slack as opposed to focusing on our coal fired electric generation stations. That would be the theory.

So, our little friendly inspection station man has gotten caught up in a 90B industry which is politically charged and the DA is not making deals. By the way, the DA has his file together on our guy and is ready to proceed.  Punishment range is 2-10 and $10,000.00.  Pre-indictment offer is 3 years deferred and $2,500.00.   We will get this worked down.  Looking for a reduction to misdemeanor.   Given the political nature of this crime, a reduction to misdemeanor has a low probability. 

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