Jackson – Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Protecting Your Rights.

Being charged with a criminal offense doesn’t mean conviction. Earl Jackson is an aggressive criminal defense attorney whose experience will guide you through the criminal processes to successfully resolve your case. No doubt, especially for first time offenders, that the criminal justice system is intimidating. No doubt the criminal justice system can be frightening regardless of the severity of the crime. Freedom is on the line.

Mr. Jackson is an aggressive criminal defense litigator. Our defense strategies very often beat charges, or reduce/eliminate jail time, monetary fines and other consequences of felony or misdemeanor charges.

Whether or not this is your first offense, call us today for your free initial consultation at 214-369-7100. Time can be of the essence.  Our court room presence, our defense litigation strategies protect the rights of our clients. Every individual is entitled to legal representation. We offer flexible payment plans to allow all of our clients to get the legal advice that they need.

You’re Not Alone. Whether you’re facing a traffic infraction at the state level or have been arrested for a federal crime, we are prepared to litigate your case. We serve as your advocate and offer you ongoing support. We will fight so that you receive a fair trial, challenge any evidence that is illegally obtained, and make certain that your defense is presented as strongly as possible. Additionally, our legal team will:

  • Carefully investigate your case to uncover evidence
  • Interview all parties involved, including police
  • Bring in witnesses, when appropriate, to testify on your behalf
  • Present you with defense options to help you combat your charges
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to have your charges or sentence reduced, if possible
  • To learn more about our criminal law services and the types of cases we handle, contact our law office today to set up an initial case evaluation.